Heritage carries a selection of the most popular landscape bark for your projects. Not sure which product is best? We can help. Call us at (509) 586-0744 for advice and a price quote. Local weekday delivery service is available. All bark prices are per cubic yard. One cubic yard of bark will cover approximately 100 square feet at a 3” depth. We also sell in ½ yard increments.

medium bark nuggets

Medium Nuggets Bark

Fir and Pine brown bark, in medium-sized nuggets.

per cubic yard
small shredded bark

Small Shredded Bark

Fir and Pine shredded, small irregular sized brown bark.

per cubic yard
fine bark mulch

Bark Mulch

Fir and Pine, fine, 1/4” to (-) minus.

per cubic yard
playground chips bark

Playground Chips

From the inside wood of the tree, not the bark. Used for playgrounds. Please call for more information.

per cubic yard

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